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About the project

We believe you can come across all the clues to your vehicle-related challenges.

Feel free to riff through the categories to get to know the important car tips like original fitment facts, sizing info, outlines, DIY advice, buyer advice, along with functional advice.

Our website is pretty detailed as well as diverse to integrate all sorts of handy insights.

We do all this daily grind of aggregating and mapping out vehicle details with a single thing in mind.

And that is generating valuable media that sustain motor vehicle enthusiasts across the world and brings integral insights whenever they need to get it.


We must build an internet resource that deals with all the fundamental things an auto owner can think up about in this special area. We want to end up being an internet advisor you would most likely head to for a piece of good advice on remedying technical headaches, replacing tools, together with dealing with an upgrade.

There is still a long way to go still, but every single day leads us forward to reaching that idea.

We steadily deal with increasing and also revising our automotive website by creating up-to-date smart details, renewing information on automobile body types and even trim levels, as well as making distinct classifications.

Currently, you can determine distinct practical assets on our online site:

  • automobile specifications by make, model, and also the year,
  • pragmatic methods or tricks you can take,
  • proposals fitting for especial models and trim levels,
  • DIY, preservation, browsing for, substitute, together with troubleshooting tutorials.
As much as we would undoubtedly enjoy that to come about, our site can not make you the know-it-all grease monkey.

Having said that, it will for sure save you a great deal of energy on groundwork and help you prevent sore discoveries.

Most commonly those hitches come from improper sizing or incompatibility, and that is why we supported our guidelines with precise charts packed with measurements by model, year, along with trim.

There is rarely such a thing as a one-fits-all pattern within car parts and also trimmings.

If you are tentative regarding an item that caught your eye do not hesitate to come around our website to discover if that stuff fits your auto.

Our project was made just for descriptive purposes.

We work to make experience uncomplicated to recover and also easy to use.

We do not sell goods or support services, this is not our plan.

All we do is prepare good quality suggestions on the issues that may potentially be beneficial to our visitors.

Why trust us

We have indeed been entranced with the theme for quite a while operating in the automotive market.

As a consequence in the course of that period, we got all kinds of important experiences together with the command.

Further, we do not plot to hinder.

And so, our research as well as scrutiny never actually ends.

Our foremost providers of material are all well-known companies, designers, and technicians.

But that does not mean that we take all the cases for granted.

With too many facts and strategies stemming from all angles, we have developed our very own fact-checking process to sift every word carefully.

Data source

To fulfill our pledges, we strictly relate to blogs and handbooks released by respectable companies including:

  • authenticated car companies' websites
  • certified automobile and transportation agencies run by the state and federal government
  • datasheets and data by companies.
A portion of our information and facts is contributed by the individuals who opted to give away their information.

It is always marked as a "user-generated idea."

We genuinely respect your openness to provide your prior experience along with suggestions to the public.

Our Philosophy

We stand by our "set of rules" that controls just how we deal with the job including interaction:

  • Customer experience is primary.
  • Proper data is the heart of our project.
  • No spam. Be respectful to the visitors and their time.
  • Quality is crucial to high quality.
  • " Visitors first" is the belief of any blog post.
  • Not harm.

About me

This web project develops because of our outstanding staff led by James Betts, the owner.

He initiated this job as a way to share his lifelong enthusiasm for autos with the automotive community.

As a vehicle fan and a tech lover, he has been dabbling with cars since he was 24 when he got his first of all auto - an old Nissan 240SX.

He is an experienced auto technician.

He knows his way around the repair shop. His thorough practical experience along with years of handiwork in the sector assist him to provide web content that is both precise as well as comprehensible.

How We Make Money

Considering that we are not showcasing components or professional services, our website gets money from media ads as well as ideas.

We can obtain a mini percentage if people choose to buy a product after visiting a partner link. At no extra cost.

For all that, we do not sell off those tips and do not take payment from businesses to call attention to their components on our website.

Get in Touch

Our policy is to supply directness as well as two-sided regard.

Please feel free to speak with us through the application form for all concerns.

You can alternatively leave your advice or tips.

We do our very best to reply in time to every person.